Visit to an adjuncts plant

We visited the Micronised Food Products facility for a tour.


This is where Crisp Maltings takes kernels of corn, maze, barley, oats and rice and makes brewing ingredients, equestrian feeds, agricultural feeds and pet food.  Most of us have used torrified wheat or oats, rice, and/or barley in brewing. Torrification of kernels is a process of puffing the kernel using a quick heat process.

The grain is delivered and processed in. A sample is taken from each truck with an auger.



The sample goes into the lab and it is processed for quality and correctness. A sample is kept for each delivery.



After the lab, the truck goes to an area to dump its’ load.



The kernels are processed in to be cleaned and sorted by size. When the equipment is ready the grain is moved to other parts of the plant.

This is one of the micronizers.





A conveyer belt carries grain (in this case, barley) alone while they are flash heated. The end product is like a rolled oat.

Here is a short video of the above in action.


Then we went to another part of the plant that puffed or torrified kernels in this case it was wheat.


This was taken off the above machine.



Then the wheat was bagged and stitched closed. Below is a video of that process. Kinda cool to see how those bags we’ve opened so many time are filled.