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I flew from Dulles to Manchester UK September 5th arrived September 6, 2013, in the morning. I took light rail from the airport to the Rostrevor Hotel 148 Manchester Road, Bury BL9 0TL. I had a Saturday class on the care of real ale. Sunday I spent the day doing research of real ale (drinking) Monday – Friday I did the class as listed here:

Day 1
Theory from barley production, malting, types of malt, lab analysis of malt, water, hops, yeast and finings.

Day 2
The Brewing Process in theory – from preparing the malt through mashing in, boiling, fermentation, packaging to what can go wrong. This day includes a presentation and a practical demonstration of how to bottle real ale, from experts at Leek Brewery.

Day 3
Where we all get hands on and brew two beers. We will be using our commercial brewery to probably brew a lager and a real ale. We will also be using type 90 hop pellets and whole hops.

Day 4
We will analyse the beer now in the fermenting vessels and then will discuss the brewing equipment and layout required with all the alternatives. We will also cover Effluent, Planning, Environmental Health Officers, HM Revenue & Customs, Marketing and Business Analysis & Costs.

Day 5
advanced theory, and filtering – carbonating and back pressure filling ale or lager in to kegs and bottles. Possibly including a presentation from the experts at Pall Filtration.

I will move from Bury to Manchester City Center for more research.