NERAX North 2014

I had a chance to go to Nerax North on November 13th and 14th, 2014. I was very impressed. REAL ALE was there. Yes Real Real ale.


There were 56 entries in the handout booklet. There were 4 Ciders. 30 UK firkin and the rest US. The beers were very enjoyable.

A page from their mobile website.

A page from their mobile website.


Here are a few of my notes on them (from Untapped):

Bedrock Blonde by Bluestone Brewing Company Carbonation very low. Slight astringency on the aftertaste.

Tusk by Twickenham Fine Ales
Yes. This beer has survived the festival ‘s abuse (O2) beautifully. Great beer.

Note: The above was not meant to reflect poorly on the festivals’ handling of the beer. They did a great job.

Galaxy by Two Roses Brewery
Looks good. Smells oxidized, tastes even more oxidized than it smells. O2 has done its’ deed on this.


Behind the bar.

Behind the bar.

Hop Squint by Caffle Brewery
Nice malty beer with a delightful aftertaste. I like it. Photo below.

A good looking real ale.

A good looking real ale.

Ludlow Gold by Ludlow Brewing Company

Looks good. Clear. Tastes pretty good but there is a very grainy taste in the middle and into aftertaste. Good if you like the grainy flavor

Seven Hills Pale Ale by Wormtown Brewery
Lemon drop hopped. Interesting and good

Iron Duke by Irving & Co Brewers at
Hoppy and quite a good beer. 5.3 holding its’ own quite nicely. May have to revisit.

Market Porter by Portobello Brewery at
A bit oxidized, some astringency, seems old.

Cwrw Haf by Tomos Watkin and Sons Ltd.
Dropped F’n bright. Tastes good Welsh Beer CWRW is a welsh word. From the best I can tell it means beer or ale.

Tommy Note by Geeves Brewery
A little astringent. Really distracts.

Green Beacons by Brecon Brewing
A little light on carbonation but a drinkable beer.

This by Teme Valley Brewery
Good beer. Little thin on the malt.

Old Prickly by Hobsons Brewery
Wow. Good stuff

Ludlow Gold by Ludlow Brewing Company
Nice beer. Well done! Could drink a lot of this.

Tusk by Twickenham Fine Ales at
Very nice

Summer Rocks by Bluestone Brewing Company
Wow. Real Real ale. . NZ $ US hops Drinkable. Has a aftertaste that lingers and is a bit biting in an annoying way

I stayed away from the Cider and most of the US firkins except Harpoon and Crop Bistro & Brewery.

Harpoon Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA by Harpoon Brewery
On cask. Looks good. Smells good. Tastes good. Almost making me like rye in a beer, almost.

Kolsch by Crop Bistro & Brewery
A 4.5% Kolsch on oak for a real ale festival. Not just meh, not pleasant.

All in all, this was the best real ale festival I’ve been to in the states, Period!