Three Kings Brewery

Today I was placed at Three Kings brewery.

It was quite the stealth brewery, no signage.


Not pretty, but pretty functional. The owner/operator brewed amazing beers I was impressed with everything he had bottled or on cask at a local pub.


It is a 5 barrel kit with 5 6 bbl fermentors. Like the two other breweries I was placed in, the grain is purchased milled. You have to admit, the UK is barley heaven. They have great conditions for growing and malting barley. It has to be a great price here since there is no shipping to the US.

First thing we get to do is clean the copper, The photo below was after we had already gotten a lot of hops out of it.




Here it is after we cleaned it. I was inside of this thing for more than 20 minutes.


Then we loaded up the mash tun with malted barley and hot water to start the sacrfication rest. The first vessel you see in this video is the underback, The wort from the mash tun flows into this and whirlpools to drop out some of the grain particles. You have to control the flow into the mash tun and out of the underback to control your sparge.

Then we cleaned out a fermentation vessel to put this batch of beer into after the boil was done. In the photo below, I am breaking up the yeast cake from the previous fermentation so I can get it out of there and clean it.


Here, Chris is cleaning out the fermentor with caustic.



Chris and I got to choose which hops to use for this brew. It was an all UK hopped beer for a beer festival that will happen in April.


Here is how they label their bottles.

IMG_6241 IMG_6220

This is my favorite brewery to work at so far.