Mad Horse Brew Pub

  • Since returning from BrewLab brewery training in mid May 2015, I have been on the search for a brewing job. I had a pretty good visit and conversation with Bold Mariner. I was waiting for the go ahead to brew at this ten barrel brand new brewery, but the time frame to opening had taken too much time. It is located in Norfolk, Virginia a 4 hour drive from my house. I would have taken a room for rent and worked it, if the time frame was under control. Keep in mind that I shut down my business in February(2015) to go to BrewLab and have not worked since. I see that Bold Mariner is now open and serving beer.July 2015
    I have been brewing at Mad Horse Brew Pub in Lovettsville, Virginia. I am now employed there.  I have done a number of brews on their 7 barrel system.  I’m having a good time at Mad Horse. The brewery needs so much work, I’m surprised I have even achieved drinkable beer out of it. I figure if I can brew there, I can brew anywhere. I have had some good feedback on a number of my beers.


    I have to say that I like brewing here. It is an underdog situation.

    Since Mad Horse doesn’t have a full time brewing schedule, I am also working at Smoketown Brewing Station. It’s across the bridge in Maryland. I am consulting on their brew house buildout. I’m having a blast there too. It is in the old fire house. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool brew pub.