Whites Ferry Manor

Oct 2023

I am working with Whites Ferry Manor in Leesburg Virginia. They are a wedding venue and they want to add a brewery. I have been working on all kinds of projects to move this forward. A building is in the process of being constructed as I type this. It is on the Potomac river I’ll add info here as it forms into a real brewery.

I have to admit that I really feel like this is my best brewing job. Haven’t brewed a beer here, but I’m building a brewery! We have a 5BBL system ordered. Lots of brewer bells and whistles. RO filter, steam jacketed mashtun and boil kettle, 6- 5 BBL FVs, 1- 10 BBL FV, 1- 5 BBL bright, glycol system, boiler (or steam generator as the chinese call it), keg washer, kegs, Plate chiller. It’s gonna be great.