I arrived in Castleford on July 6th. I stayed in Leeds and took the train into Castleford each day. Castleford is a nice little town. It was historically, a glass producing town. It no longer is. The fest was at a pub called Lagentium Brewery Tap right next to The Junction.
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As the name of the festival implies, EVERY cask was a wooden cask. What a great experience. I went to every session and I had the opportunity to taste the beers as they changed over the festival’s duration.

In the photo above, the Junction is the furthest building and the building that the Woodfest was in, is in the foreground. The right photo is a front on shot of the Junction that I stole from Richard Coldwell’s beer blog called BeerLeeds.co.uk

I met Richard at Woodfest2017. He obviously loves to blog about beer (and is much better at this than me).




The cellar

I helped serve beer on one of the sessions.

Serving Beer (credit Richard Coldwell BeerLeeds.co.uk for the photo)

I found out about this festival from the Chesapeake chapter of the Society for the Preservation of Beers of the Wood (SPBW). I joined this group before I left the States for the festival and a handful of members went to Woodfest 2017.

SPBW members at Woodfest 2017

Needless to say, I had a blast.