Duck and Drake

While I was in Leeds. I was reading an article about real ale served in wood and this great pub was mentioned. We were quite surprised with the place. Good beer. A Great landlord and a very comfortable place.  A great old building.

I got talking with the landlord and he allowed me to go down into his cellar to show me his wood firkin.

With wood casks, in the current environment, the pubs get the cooper to make them casks and they send the cask to the breweries to be filled. Here’s a photo of his cellar. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
Here is a photo of the inside:
Notice the artwork on the walls. Click once or twice to get a bigger view. When I saw the wall art, I thought it was some sort of wall paper. Talking with the landlord, it was created with a spray can of paint and one talented artist.

The Johnny Cash photo that didn’t make it into the above panorama due to its’ location:


What a great find in Leeds.